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Lexissoft iCart
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Catalog Unlimited Catalog & Inventory Management
Create a dynamic catalog with an unlimited number of products and manage your inventory with simple but powerful administration tools.
ContentManagement Content Management
The built-in content management system allows you to manage every page on your website, harnessing an easy to use WYSIWYG interface
Cart Secure Shopping Cart
Receive domestic and international orders securely; calculate discounts, tax and shipping costs, and process transactions through industry-best technology.
Shipping Shipping & Fulfillment
Create custom shipping options, or optionally integrate with UPS, Fedex or USPS for real-time quotes and tracking.
Payment Payment Processing
Process credit cards automatically on your website with Verisign Payflow Pro or Authorize.net or any other payment gateways integration.
Shop Icart E-Shop Merchandising
Increase your sales by positioning complementary products on the page, giving shoppers the opportunity to purchase similar items.
TellAFriend Tell-A-Friend
Let your customers market your web site for you. Visitors to your site can 'tell a friend' about any page on your site. Friends will receive a link to your web site, a message from their friend, and a message from you that you can update any time. Get visitors to your site by making special offers through the tell a friend feature.
Discount Coupon Discounts
Encourage existing customers to return to your site or new customers to spend by offering coupon discounts.
Customer Customer Personalization
Give customers the ability to personalize product selection and purchase options.
Report Detailed Site Traffic & Sales Reports
Presents real-time sales and customer traffic statistics to help you drive sales and forecast revenue.
Customer Customer Account Management
Administer all of your customer data through simple web-based tools.
Shop Icart E-Shop CRM
Dynamically generates sales confirmation emails and order tracking pages to improve customer care and reduce administration costs.
ContentManagement Affiliates Program (optional)
Establish partnerships and offer financial incentives for others to drive customers to your website.
Wizard Import Wizard
If you already have your products listed in an existing database, such as Access, Excel, QuickBooks, MYOB or others, Icart ImportWizard will help you to easily get the product data into your Icart shop, making shop creation breathtakingly easy. ImportWizard will even automatically create a department structure in your shop for you, if the products in your database have been organized into categories in your database.